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The Consumer Unit, or fuse board is the most important electrical safety device in the home and workplace to protect cables and protect humans. Consumer unit accessories are component parts that are used in conjunction with consumer units, which are a kind of distribution board. Distribution boards are a part of an electrical power system that supplies electricity to subsidiary circuits, and they are most commonly found in domestic settings. Fusebox consumer units and accessories offers a great alternative to other brands such as MK, Hager, Danson, LIVE, Chint, Hamilton, Hager, Wylex, Crabtree, CGD & Lewden. FuseBox offer RCD, RCBO and MCB options, and standard AC devices as well as Type A RCBO’s and RCD’s. Their boards are available from 2 to 28 usable ways.

Consumer board fuses

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The larger your home is, the higher capacity consumer unit or fuse box you will need. An MCB is a form of fuse (protective device) which overcomes the traditional problem associated with fuses in so much as when one blows it does not need to be replaced as a fuse does or in older fuses, the wire does not need replacing. Discover a large range of 17th and 18th edition electrical consumer units from leading brands including MK, Wylex and Axiom, ranging from 2 way to 12 way. At Toolstation we stock metal consumer units, often referred to as fuse boxes that are simple to install and ideal for domestic application. Wylex fuseboxes with rewireable or cartridge fuses are very common in older properties. Plug in MCBs can be obtained for these, and are simple to install.Ho A fuse board monitors and detects the current in each circuit and will trip the system if it is being overloaded to protect the premises and its occupants. With legislation being continually updated it is important that they are installed by a qualified professional to ensure that they are fitted and tested correctly.

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Consumer board fuses

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Consumer board fuses

Fusebox or fuse board were the old term (because they contained fuses) for what is now more commonly known as consumer unit.

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Consumer board fuses

Hager, Wylex and Schneider Electric are all premium brands and are of the highest quality. It is possible to buy cheaper items but your consumer unit / fuse board controls all the electrical installation in your property so in our opinion it is not the area to be cutting corners. Useful fuse box or consumer unit replacement checklist. Fuse boxes and consumer units have similar roles as electrical safety devices.

The cost for a new consumer unit for a domestic residence starts at £400 + VAT, but an initial on-site survey is sometimes required for us to give an accurate quote – and remember that the cost of any preceding EICR will be deducted from your final bill to save you money on the project price.
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At Toolstation we stock metal consumer units, often referred to as fuse boxes that are simple to install and ideal for domestic application.